Best Outdoor Activities in Wales

Wales is pretty well known for its sights and beauty which attracts a good number of tourists year in and year out. The rich history of the country and its size makes it a perfect place to explore and immerse into. The place also offers many options if you are looking for an outdoor activity within your visit.

If you and your family or group of friends are looking for some outdoor fun and enjoyment, here are a few of the best activities in Wales to choose from.

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo

Located in Pembrokeshire, the farm opened its doors to people in 1988 and has not stopped making improvements on the place. This has led to a one-of-a-kind park and zoo experience for visitors. The owners believe that even families visiting are looking to do different things so they ended up having four big attractions to the place. Their zoo is home to various animals from around the world that visitors can marvel at. When visiting the adventure park, guests can go down to the barn to interact with some animals. The park even has a vintage fairground that is sure to make people reminisce about the good old day. The park even has an indoor and outdoor play area for kids to enjoy.

Celtic Quest Coasteering

One of the best outdoor activities in Wales is Celtic Quest Coasteering. If the idea is pretty new to you, coasteering is a type of sport that allows participants to explore rocky coastlines through different ways. It can be through the combination of swimming, climbing, and jumping. This activity will give you the chance to explore the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline at sea level.

This outdoor activity is best suited as a group activity as it takes you on an unforgettable adventure. Combining various activities, it will give you endless hours of fun and excitement as you take on the sights and wonders of Wales through a unique and different perspective. You do not have to worry as the guides are some of the best and most informative group of people you will ever meet.

Rib Ride (Menai Bridge)

Located at Port Daniel Boat Yard right in Menai Bridge, taking a rigid-inflatable boat or RIB to see the sights from the water is a great outdoor experience. The one in Menai Bridge is a great start as it would help you experience first-hand the tranquility of the water as well as the challenging tides and occasional whirlpools as you traverse through to Llandwyn Island. The RIBS are quiet yet powerful boats at 250 horsepower which is enough to get you through the waters safely and securely even with as much as 11 people on board.

Skydiving Over the Gower Peninsula

As experience Wales through cycling, visiting a park, coasteering and even on a RIB, one more thing you can add to that outdoor activity is skydiving. Nothing spells adrenaline better than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute on your back. As you fly up to as high as 12,000 feet in the air, you get a unique perspective of your surroundings getting that bird’s eye view of the entire place.