Casinos in Wales

Wales attracts a lot of people as it offers a rich cultural experience for those looking to learn more about the past. There are a good number of activities to choose from where it can take you to different castles and cycling trails in and around Wales. The magnificent backdrop of several destinations in Wales is enough to keep you wanting for more.

However, the country is also as advanced as any other when it comes to leisure and entertainment. There are a lot of activities to choose from to let loose and let your hair down. There are a number of nightlife scenes as well as casinos in Wales. These casinos are sure to give you that thrill and excitement from the moment you enter their doors.

Here are some of the most popular casinos in Wales you can visit if you are looking to either spend a few hours just trying your luck to looking for a place to let off some steam,

Grosvenor Casino

Arguably one of the most popular casino establishments in Wales, Grosvenor Casino is leisure destination that provides gamers great dining complemented with an amazing bar. Sports and entertainment are at the heart of the casino which puts guests priority on top of mind. This ensures that everyone has a great time inside the casino.

The gaming area features a host of great games such as Poker tables, Roulette and even Blackjack. The slot games are also available that are sure to give you a memorable gaming experience. The casino’s location in the center of Cardiff makes it easy to find and visit.

Grosvenor Casino Swansea

There is another Grosvenor Casino located in Swansea which is a little bit smaller than the one in Cardiff. But like it’s bigger counterpart, it has a great selection of choices from slot games to live game table. Poker seems to be the more popular choice for guests coming into the casino. The restaurant also offers succulent food choices that are paired with handpicked wines and spirits from around the world.

Les Croupiers Casino

This is one of the larger casinos located in Cardiff. Once you enter the gaming area, you would be happy to find numerous choices for slot games as well as live game tables. The table games even have Mahjong, Baccarat and even Craps. If you are visiting this casino in Wales because of poker, you would be happy to find that there are about 20 cash table games inside.

Rainbow Casino

Also in Cardiff, the Rainbow Casino is a colorful establishment with the number of games available. The establishment, which is just across Motorpoint Area has a healthy offering of live gaming tables mixed in with electronic and state-of-the-art games as well. Much like other casinos, this place is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Apart from the poker games and even the £10,000 jackpot slots, Rainbow Casino also offers you the chance to unwind with a sumptuous dinner with drinks which is a perfect way to end the night.