Top Sights of Wales

Wales offers a lot of attractions for people visiting the place. There are a lot of castles and museums to look at as well as great beaches to visit. The country is relatively small making travel and visiting one place after another quite an easy feat. You can even take up your bike and have a view of famous places in the area. With a rugged coastline and national parks littered with a rich history, here are some of the best place to visit while in Wales.

Snowdonia Mountains and Coast

This is one of the places that has grown synonymous with Wales. The beautiful mountain ranges of Snowdonia in the county of Gwynedd is a sight to behold. Towering at over 3,500 feet and can be accessed either by foot for the more adventurous or by train for the laid back traveler, the place can be seen from quite a distance.

With about 14 majestic peaks, Snowdonia is known for quite a number of legends including that of King Arthur. The terrain and the beauty of the place make it one of the most preferred hiking and climbing destinations in all of Britain. The place is perfect for a holiday, a short break or even for an escape for just a weekend.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

The geography of Wales provides a natural sight to behold when it comes to coastlines and one of the best the place to visit is the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The coastline is accessible by foot or by car and history will be greeting you the moment you step foot in it.

There are historic castles in the coastline like the Pembroke Castle. There are even cathedrals to visit while in the area such as St Davids. If you fancy a relaxing fishing time then the idyllic Laugharne fishing harbor is the place to visit. Pembrokeshire has a lot of unique accommodations as well ranging from farm cottages to vintage railcars.

Cardiff Castle

Wales is rich in history and castles abound in almost every part of the country giving you a unique insight into the past. One of the more popular of which is the Cardiff Castle. Considered to be smaller in size compared to other castles, it is still able to pack in a considerable amount of history that spans over 2,000 years.

More than just taking a quick look, it is best to spend some time in the castle and absorbing the rich history it offers. Located at the very center of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, you can start off at the Interpretation Room. Visitors are treated to a film showing explaining the castle’s secrets dating back from the Roman to the Gothic ages.


If you are up for a great day trip, Conwy can be a great place to include in your itinerary as it offers the complete package. From amazing castles to medieval and breathtaking architecture complemented by great shopping destination, Conwy gives you best value for your time. One of the oldest buildings in the area is the Aberconwy House which is a merchant’s house built in the 14th century.